AXIA Design Associates (formerly Atelier3AM) is a Toronto-based architecture, interiors and urban design studio established by Taymoore Balbaa and Chris Wong. The partnership is defined by its cultural diversity and varied points of expertise, yet unified in its joint faith in the transformative power of architecture and the built environment.

Through sensitive and site-specific methodologies to each and every design challenge, our work addresses and confronts the subtleties of context: geographic, social, and cultural. The studio builds on knowledge and experience through a collaborative practice, working with experts across multiple fields to strengthen our responses to each unique design challenge.


With our clients, we thrive within a climate of discussion, brainstorming, and strategizing: employing design methodologies that will produce both anticipated and unforeseen results. We resist predetermined visions that require conformity, but rather work with and within the unique
circumstances that define each project.