Location: 391 Burnamthorpe Road, Oakville. Canada 

Area: 2080 m²

Client: ICNA Canada |  Al Falah Islamic Centre

Completion Date: 2016

The Al Falah Islamic Centre project is an amplified and reinvigorated centre of community life, and aspires to be a source of inspiration and interaction for constituents of the growing Muslim populace in Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area. The project involves the transformation of a non-descript pre-engineered steel warehouse into a sacred space and community centre. With modest budget, and in discourse with the conventional building, our design introduces elements of plasticity, moments of texture, and a new interaction with natural light. In this manner, the Al Falah Islamic Centre creates a new identity for itself and the community it serves – one that is both contemporary and traditional, regional as well as otherworldly.