Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Area: 1,400 m²

Client: Wild Flower Center

Date: 2009 | International Design Competition - Mention

The project responds to its immediate surroundings and attempts to define the constraints within which the Wild Flower Center will derive its structural and organisational logic. The building is conceived of as a whole comprised of slivers, a thickened boundary between park and city that retains permeability through the layers of planes. The filtering of light and space is manifested on the courtyard facade. As a dialogue between the various parts of the building, a comprised entity is created that reveals its internal workings while creating the L-shaped enclosure suggested by site constraints. The wood-slatted educational wing offers less transparency on this side, instead fixing its learning gaze on the productive terraces of the plant nursery beyond. Demarcating the physical containment of the building, the walls that comprise the organisation of the Wild Flower Centre define a range of activities between the dissemination of seeds and of knowledge.