Location: Edmonton, Canada

Area: 10,880 m²

Client: Redbrick Real Estate Development Inc.

Date: 2012

The project involves the “re-birth” of the existing Chancery Hall (a 1950’s government office
building) in downtown Edmonton’s Churchill Square, seeing it converted from a state of energy
inefficiency to one that is responsive to local climate. This adaptive reuse capitalizes on the
materiality and embodied energy of the current structure. A load-bearing external skin is retained,
and a new external layer is created as a second skin, with considerable environmental implications
for the building. In the redefinition of the building’s use, this second skin becomes a thermal
envelope that mediates summer and winter conditions, and greatly increases access to fresh air
throughout longer periods of the year. In the creation of a hotel and residential building, a new
community is created in Churchill Square. Though concerned with the provision of healthy and
inspired shelter for residents and hotel guests alike, the skin recognizes the importance of its siting,
and offers the city a new sculpture, carved and formed through environmental calibration.