In collaboration with Jason King Architects

Location: Oslo, Norway

Area: 160,000 Spectator capacity

Client: City of Oslo

Date: 2008 - International Design Competition submission

Inherent in the act of the ski jump is the duality of flight and descent. These opposed forces present the source of inspiration from which to derive form and intent. This project represents the result of these opposed forces; a meeting of earth and sky. The design is inspired by both the heavy, crater-like bowl that contains the mass of spectators, as well as the "weightless" tower needed to take jumpers to their point of launch. Central to the negotiation of these two elements is the notion of exchange. The lofty experience of the lone athlete is shared with the central bowl's 50,000 person capacity. The tower's distinctive silhouette provides a striking modern icon in the landscape when viewed from afar. At night, this same view of the tower is of a glowing beacon in an otherwise dim landscape.